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Learn Luganda

Is a collection of free and comprehensive online resources to learn Luganda, written and curated by a non-native speaker with help from a native speaker.

Learn useful phrases from our phrasebook


Gyebale ko, ssebo/nnyabo = Thanks for your (good) work, Sir/Madam Response: Kale ssebo/nnyabo, nawe gyebale ko = You’re welcome Sir/Madam, thanks for your (good) work too


Weraba! = Goodbye! (one person)

Mweraba! = Goodbye! (several people)

Siiba bulungi (nnyabo/ssebo)! = Have a nice day (Sir/Madam)!

Learn the grammar


c = ch like in English ‘child’

ki = ch like in English ‘child’

ky = ch like in English ‘child’

gi = j like in English ‘job’

gy = j like in English ‘job’

ng’ = ŋ a nasalized sound that does not exist in English but similar to the ‘ing’ sound in ‘sing’

Vowel sounds

Vowels can be either short or long, a differentiation that will change the entire meaning of a word:

okutuma = to send

okutuuma = to name

bana = four (people)

baana = to name

okusula = to spend the night

okusuula = to throw away

Learn from YouTube videos and Facebook memes

Learn more from video lessons posted on the Learn Luganda YouTube channel and from Luganda sayings posted as memes




grammar book

Grammar book

luganda-english dictionary

Luganda-English dictionary

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Keep Learn Luganda free

 Since 2015, Learn Luganda has offered the resources on this website for free but with rising operational costs, we will need your help to keep everything here free. If you’d like to contribute through a small donation to keep this project running, or have any inquiries at all, send us an email at learnluganda [at] gmail [dot] com. Weebale nnyo!

Leah, Francis and Josh – Learn Luganda Team

Frequently Asked Questions

We receive a plethora of questions every month and due to our schedules, we are not always able to respond to all of them. Here’s a list of some frequently asked ones.

If you think there’s something we’ve left out, feel free to send us an email at learnluganda [at] gmail [dot] com.

Are there any secret charges for the resources?


All our resources are for free shillings. And we hope to keep it like this forever. 🙂

Do you offer private Luganda lessons?

As of January 2018, we do not but given the high demand, this is something we are looking into.

How did Learn Luganda come about?


So, Leah (who speaks more than 9 languages) visitied Uganda and linked up with Francis, a native Luganda speaker, to start the project. They enlisted the help of a local techie, Josh.


Do you have similar websites/resources for other languages in Uganda or Africa?


Currently, no. But if you’re as curious as Leah, we’d be willing to support you in any way we can to make that website a reality.