About Us

Learn Luganda was founded by Leah Sternefeld who spent a year in Uganda working as a volunteer for the UNESCO. Eager to learn the local language in order to communicate with people in their native language she soon realized that this was more difficult than thought. There were hardly any learning materials so that she was forced to compile her own over the month.

With the help of her good friend Francis Nickshere they curated a small grammar book, phrasebook and dictionary and uploaded them online. To their surprise people from all over the world showed great interest in the project which made them decide to start filming short lessons for YouTube.

This is how Yiga Oluganda – Learn Luganda was born! We hope you will find our resources helpful – please forgive us for possible mistakes, both of us are doing this work in our free time and we are by no means experts in the field!

All the best! Mwebale nnyo!

Leah & Francis